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House also teaches other people how to use coupons and even re-shops for people in the grocery store when she sees them wasting money. Unlike some extreme couponers who will buy anything just because it's a steal, Joyce only buys what she truly needs. Finally, the show introduces viewers to a couponing man, Nathan Engels, who is known as "Mr.

Coupon" and lives in Kentucky. He says he looks at shopping as a chess game where the opponent is the store. His two-car garage actually looks like a grocery store: it contains 10, items, including 40 pounds of chicken, 50 pounds of cheese, three years' worth of toilet paper, and numerous other items. Engels acquires his coupons by purchasing ten newspapers a week and buying coupons from coupon clipping services. It's not uncommon for him to spend four or five hours on a single shopping trip, and the store employees know him.

Photo by sdc Post a Comment. Why, you ask?!? I shared on the Cincinnati Coupons Facebook page last night that I bought 20 boxes of Barilla Spaghetti noodles, 10 boxes of Barilla Fettuccini and a few boxes of Barilla Farfelle at a Meijer sale earlier in the year. That was a stock up price for me since we only use Barilla noodles. Being that we are a family of 3 all those noodles lasted me 8 months.

Plus, I love the feeling that I get when I donate.

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I love meeting those who have created a sanctuary, for those in need to go. Honestly, I was horrified by what I saw.

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Except the single lady who taught others. I just hope this does not make it harder on couponers or turn off other couponers. So much negative can come from this. I hope not!! Kimi, companies love to give us coupons because it sparks interest in the consumers. This is a HUGE mis-interpretation of us avid and loyal couponers!

I honestly do not see why one would need that much toilet paper, salad dressing, toothbrushes, etc. This show I am afraid, is going to make those of us who do coupon, look bad.

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I have to agree with everyone. That was ridiculous! I did like the one lady who taught others — a way of paying it forward. And she did not have a ridiculous stockpile that was depicted in the show anyway. But for the other three I just feel in a way sad for them — extreme couponing has to be filling a void or hurt in their life…because really do you need enough toilet paper to last 40 years!?

And taking a child dumpster diving for coupon inserts? Wow — and did anyone else see that the Mom wore gloves to protect her hands but the poor kid was in there using bare hands? Where are the priorities in that situation? I know they were paper recycling dumpsters but can you really guarantee that is all that is in there? I stockpile to save money, and I have two small shelves towers in my basement to store my items because my house is small and I have really no closet space. Samantha and Mary thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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I do agree there is a void that she must be filling. I did like Joyce House of Philly trying to teach those in her community how to save money! Like finding a passion through cooking, donating items and even how to eat better! As 2 of the people portrayed are from the Cincinnati area, it seems that some are trying too hard not to offend them, in case they run in to them in the Kroger aisle. I will also add something that I have not seen mentioned very much on the blogs that I follow. I believe that these people have some kind of mental health problem.

Be it OCD, hoarding, depression, addiction, a combination of them or something else entirely…. I did not catch the show, but I am also fascinated by these extreme coupon clippers. Plus, here in Canada, there are less oppurtunities for the extreme couponing that is possible in the States. I look forward to your next book.

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I absolutely loved hours! Morgan — thanks, glad you liked the book! My mom always used coupons when we were kids and shopped sales at 2 different stores. Cutting coupons was on our chore list! I try to use coupons too, but I wonder what these extreme couponers eat, as fresh produce, meat and dairy very rarely have coupons.

I have a meal plan, a food budget, and shop sales, and I find that keeps me from overspending. If you stick to one store, you get to know the rotation of the sales, so you can keep extras on hand, but not stockpile. I too, look forward to your next book, as it amazes me how you think about money in such a real cost vs.

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Yes, time is valuable. I tend to assume that time can easily be turned into money in the form of income, not just money saved. And probably, you could take in quite a bit more than that if you tried.

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So is it worth it? This means that time can be turned into money. The question of fresh produce is a good one. I have never seen a coupon for a banana.

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Store sales, maybe. But basically you have to be a product manufactured by a consumer goods company for there to be a coupon. And a lot of that stuff is not so good for you. I cringed when coupon shopper 1 put candy bars in her cart. I prefer to shop the way you do.