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Once you have created an Apartment Lot, the lot is move-in ready for other Sims. You can add up to 8 Sims into a single apartment, however, any Sims added by you will be controllable and eat up the household funds. The only way to make sure your Apartment Life Sims do not have to carry the burden of an entire household, is to allow Roommates. When creating an apartment in the home world, any household slots remaining in your apartment will be filled with roommates at 9 am.

If any of the Sims are dismissed of their roommate duties, another Sim will take their place. Dismissing a Roommate will remove them from the household, and they will be replaced with a new Sim. This means that a single apartment in the home world will reach capacity at all times. With so many people around the house, it would be a good idea to lock the doors, and make sure to claim your bed.

No one wants strange Sims roaming around their room! If a Sim builds up a strong romantic relationship with a roommate, they can eventually wed and live happily ever after. When playing in the home world, any roommates your Sims marry will become a controllable part of the household. If you would rather pick and choose who can and cannot live with you, then non-apartment roommates are the ones for you. There is no interaction difference with these types of roommates, the only difference is how you invite them to live with you on your own purchased lot.

Instead of automatic placement by the game, you pick and choose specifics. If the Sim accepts they will automatically become a roommate and share the household expenses. Another way to pick and choose roommates is to use Roommate Services. Roommate services will allow the game to fill your home with however many Sims and gender types you specify.

🐍SCANDALOUS BONFIRE PARTY🔥 - The Sims 3: University Life🎓 // #20

Once these Sims are dismissed, you can call in for new roommates, or wait until 9am for the home to refill again. Sims Young Adult to Elder have the option to run around town streaking! Sims will strip to their birthday suits and run around for about 30 minutes. The phone menu is more organized, and offers an array of new interactions. Sims can now blog, text and use social apps on their cell phones. As Sims level up in the Social Networking Skill , they can unlock new apps, interactions and phone skins. Smartphones are also equipped with the ability to crack.

This does not disable the smartphone, but it does create a very messy screen. If your Sim accidentally drops their smartphone, you can repair it for simoleons. Until now, laptops could only be used when set on a table. This allows Sims to study and play on the go! University Life introduces 2 brand new party types. If these parties get out of control and become a nuisance after 11pm, police will come by and break them up. While enjoying some quality time around the fire, Sims have a number of interactions available to them. Buying more than one juice keg is ideal for this party, but just make sure everyone drinks responsibly.

If a Sim has established a good relationship with the receiving Sim, they will be filled with joy to snag this kiss. If a Sim has not established a good relationship with the receiving Sim, they will not accept this behavior. There are no new interactions with these socials, however, Cinnamon does boost the success of romantic socials when consumed. Sims who accept this kiss will instantly become romantic interests. If the receiving Sim does not accept this kiss, the relationship will take a small dive.

Both Sims must have the juiced moodlet for these options to appear. Receiving Sims who accept the rebound kiss will automatically become romantic interests, while other sims will get creeped out! If a Sim has established a good relationship, the receiving Sim will be filled with joy. If the receiving Sims accepts, they will come to your home and woohoo with your Sim. This option is only available when the receiving Sim is on a different lot.

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University Life includes the brand new Social Group feature. Similar to building skills, Sims can gain influence in each of the three social groups: Jocks, Nerds, and Rebels. To gain influence in each of the social groups, Sims must interact with certain objects, and complete certain actions. Additionally, socializing with members of certain social groups can also help a Sim gain influence. Sims can be a part of all three social groups, but they must keep up with demands. Social Group influence will go down over time if your Sims are not actively engaging in any group based activities.

Sims can only earn one additional trait slot, however, they can change out traits by leveling up in multiple social groups. Sims who head off to University have an additional method of gaining influence. Sims who are on campus will receive special University Life related Opportunities. Many of these opportunities help Sims gain influence within certain social groups, and are also a great way to earn a few extra simoleons.

Each opportunity gives Sims an influence boost in certain social groups. You can continue to purchase influence until they have maxed at level Jocks are a socially motivated group that are great at balancing the social life with other needs. Having other Jock friends, throwing parties, and doing keg stands, are just some of the ways to gain Jock influence. You made it to level one. Now get moving on up! Duck Face Included!

Sims will now be given opportunities to host Parties for Charity. Your Sim has now unlocked the Sports Agent Career! Being a Nerd is all about winning with superior knowledge! Reading Comic Books, playing online games, and challenging other Sims to Trivia, are just some of the ways to gain Nerd influence. Your Sim has received the secret to unlocking online gaming on game consoles, and also received their very own game console free of charge…game included! Your Sim can now issue the challenge for a friendly competition. Rebels are an artsy type of Sim that challenges the Status Quo! Eating herbs, protesting, and dumpster diving, are just some of the ways to gain Rebel influence.

Your Sim can also steal exam answers and sell them for extra simoleons. Rebels at this level are better at cheating, and less likely to get caught cheating on exams while at University. Your Sim has now unlocked the Art Appraiser Career! Socially Awkward — Socially awkward Sims try to fit in, but sometimes say the wrong thing and the wrong time. Along with the addition of new traits, University Life unlocks two more trait slots for Sims with high social group influence and academic achievements.

These two new traits are in addition to the five already allowed in game. If your Sims excel socially and academically, they can have up to 7 traits total. Sims can only earn up to two additional trait slots, however, they can change out traits by earning multiple degrees and leveling up in multiple social groups. The additional trait slot option will re-appear with each advancement. Blog Artist — A successful blogger captivates their audience and leaves them yearning for the next post. The one who does will earn the title of Blog Artist.

Major Master — For some, there is no limit to the amount of learning they can endure and the thrill of class is enough to keep earning degrees. They are called Major Masters. Perfect Student — Earning a university degree is an accomplishment all in itself. But to earn one with a perfect GPA takes as much brawn as it does brains. Reach Max Influence with All Social Groups — Being an influential Sim in one group is difficult enough, but reaching max influence across three groups?

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Scientific Specialist — The universe is a mysterious place with even more mysterious rules governing it. Street Credible — For a street artist armed with a spray can, the world is their canvas waiting to be painted. These skills can be mastered by reading the related skill books, and using skill related objects. All of these visibly progressing skills can be tracked through the skill journal. Sims with higher Science Skill levels will enjoy even higher starting salaries. There are a total of 10 Science Skill Levels , each unlocking new features for Sims.

Sims will receive free samples which they can sell to the Science Facility for some extra cash, or research samples at the Science Research Station. This option allows Sims to score up to simoleons per trip. Sims with a higher Science Skill will receive higher rewards. Fish must be placed into a fish bowl in order to be analyzed, so you will need to purchase one in buy mode. It would be a good idea to have an established relationship with the receiving sim, otherwise, they may turn you down. This is a useful interaction for Sims who do not want to bother growing their own harvestables, or gathering collectibles.

Instead, Sims can create an exact replica of any harvestable or collectible sample in their inventory. Only the best of the best receive this machine, and there are plenty of things to do with it. Not only does this machine help Sims improve their Science Skill, it also provides a number of benefits. Sims can go at this machine solo, with two other Sims, or ask other Sims on the lot for assistance. There are a total of 3 different colored modules which Sims can directly work on, and one that must be unlocked with the help of others.

All of these modules provide special benefits to nearby Sims. During this time, Sims will be able to increase their skill gains significantly. If your Sims need to gain a skill, having this moodlet will help them gain it much faster. During this time, Sims will pass out on the ground and wake up with all their motives refilled. During this time, Sims are not in their right mind! This is the ultimate achievement, and it gives Sims the Meteor shower moodlet for 3 hours.

Additionally, one level 10 Sim can create this outcome with a bit more difficulty. As Sims level up in the Science Skill, brand new features and interactions become available. The following interactions are unlocked at the Science Research Station:. If successful, the bug remains the same.

If the attempt fails, the bug is lost. There is also a rare chance that Sims with a higher Science Skill will transform an insect into the all new Plasma Bug. These beetles are extraordinarily unusual and are valued between 3, and 4, simoleons.

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  • If successful, the seed will either stay the same, or transform into a different type of seed. If the attempt fails, the seed is lost.

    The Sims 3 Guides

    This interaction is yet another way to boost the Science Skill. If successful, the herbs will increase in quality. If the attempt fails, the herb will either be lost, or decrease in quality. Sims with a higher Science Skill level will have a better success rate. If successful, the harvestables will increase in quality. If the attempt fails, the harvestable will either be lost, or decrease in quality. This experiment may also produce a perfect quality Empanada dish rare.

    When cloning the DNA of collectibles, Sims will reproduce the same collectible without having to plant and harvest it. This is one way Sims are able to create the ready-to-eat Forbidden Fruit. The clone will come in the form of an infant. Sims who have begun building their Street Art Skill will enjoy plenty of benefits, including a credibility boost in the Rebel Social Group. Sims with higher Street Art Skill levels will even enjoy the benefits of commission paid opportunities and tips. This will allow Sims to bring in some extra simoleons while doing something they love.

    Sims with a higher level of the Street Art Skill will receive better tips. Sims who are working on commissioned street art will not be arrested. Unlike permanent marker, Street Art can be created and cleaned up at any time. No matter what type of street art, Sims will always have the option to clean up their messes.

    This option comes especially handy when you do not have lots of room to practice your Street Art Skill. Sims better be very careful when engaging in rebellious activity around town. When using the Street Art interaction, Sims will create and unlock an array of different murals and tags. The Social Networking Skill can be learned in variety of ways including: using the Smartphone to text, blog, stream video, and browse the web, taking a Social Networking Class, or reading a Social Networking Skill Book.

    This is a very easy skill to learn since building this skill is done on a Smartphone. Which is always with a Sim! Sims who have begun building their Social Networking Skill will enjoy plenty of benefits, including new phone skins. Sims with higher Social Networking Skill levels will even enjoy the benefits of creating different blogs and using unique apps.

    Using the Social Networking option on the smartphone, open the blog app to begin. This app allows Sims to search for Sims with specific traits, a specific gender or age, or Sims with a specific astrological sign. Once you use the search function, a Sim with the specifics will head your way. This app allows you to automatically set the relationship between two Sims that you know.

    This level starts you off with three relationship options: Friends, Acquaintances, and Disliked. As you can see, the smartphone offers many new interactions for Sims who level up in the Social Networking Skill. Among the many options is the ability to create and manage blogs. There are three different blog types: Personal, Review, and News Blogs. Each blog type allows Sims to create posts, and gain followers. As blogs gain followers, even more benefits unlock for Sims. You can change your blog theme at any time after selecting one, but you will lose a significant amount of followers each time you do so.

    Among the many benefits of gaining and keeping followers, is the ability to ask followers for Academic Help when attending University, and Donations to help fund your blogging time. As your Sims grow their blog, a number of new perks will unlock. Each blog requires that you continually post in order to gain more followers. The more followers your blog has, the more perks are unlocked. Sims can blog about anything and everything, however, blogging about specific topics related to the blog theme will boost your following significantly. When you hover over this moodlet, it will let you know what your Sim did to trigger it.

    When blogging about these trigger actions, they will result in more followers. Blogging during the two hour moodlet duration will result in a loss of followers. Writing articles to post on your blog that are specific to the theme of the blog, is one of the best ways to gain and keep your following. Below is a list of major triggers for each blog theme. The Photography Skill between these two games vary widely. As a matter of fact, they are completely different.

    The Photography Skill for those with only University Life installed, can be learned in variety of ways including: using the Smartphone Camera to take photos, and reading a Photography Skill Book. Sims who advance in the Photography Skill will enjoy plenty of benefits, including several camera effects. Sims with higher Photography Skill levels will even enjoy the benefits of using different filters for their photos. There are a total of 10 Photography Skill Levels , each unlocking new features for Sims. Any photos a Sim takes with their camera will be worth a little more.

    When amateur photographers begin taking their first photos, they will notice quite a few low resolution results. As they build their Photography Skill, these low res photos will fade away and come out clearer. Aside from the camera specific options, a variety of camera controls are also available to you when taking a photo.

    Zoom in, zoom out, pick a filter, or exit. The more photos your Sim takes, the better their chances of snapping photos worth a chunk of Simoleons. This is a quick way to earn some extra cash! The new Careers available with University Life are awarded to Sims who have made it to the top level of Social Groups. There are three Careers total:. Once a Sim has made it to level 10 of each Social Group, they will be offered each social group specific career. If you choose to decline any of the careers at the time they are offered, Sims can sign up for them at any time on their computer.

    University Life allows Sims who are aged Young Adult and older, the ability to pursue their academic dreams. While all adult Sims can enroll in University, having workforce and skill experience allow them to receive promotions, credits, and scholarships. Sims who choose to complete an aptitude test, have a chance of receiving University Credits and Scholarships. There are many factors that contribute to a high sub-score on the aptitude test, and not every Sim will receive bonuses.

    Sims with more career experience and skill levels, are more likely to earn Partial or Full Scholarships. Other Sims who may have built a strong knowledge in certain areas, but not in others, may only receive credit bonuses and no scholarships. Each major requires a different set of skills, traits and career progress for an aptitude test bonus to be awarded. Sims who are not advanced in any of the necessary factors, can still attend University, but they will have to foot the bill and work their way up from the bottom with no help. Below is a complete list of necessary skills, traits and career progress needed to receive scholarships and credit bonuses.

    There are a total of points and 18 bonus credits available for Sims to receive per major. Sims who score a or better on their Aptitude Test will also qualify for a Scholarship. Points and credits vary, and are determined by the factors mentioned earlier. When Sims select a two term enrollment, they will receive simoleons. The Aptitude Test can be taken infinite times, and does not require that you attend University immediately after. If you would like to work on your Sims score, do so and then return to the University Kit to retake the test until you are satisfied with the results.

    If your Sim drops out of University and does not complete the full term s , Scholarships will be void. Enrolling in University can be done via computer or smartphone. Once your Sims has chosen to enroll, they will have to select everything from which major they want to study, to how many credits they want to complete per term.

    Completing a degree requires 48 credits. If a Sim has received any award credits from their Aptitude Test, the credits will be applied towards that degree up to Any remaining credits will have to be earned by a Sim by attending University. Sims who do not receive any Aptitude Test bonus credits will have to attend at least three terms to complete a degree, assuming they opt in for the full 18 credit term. Sims have the option of completing a minimum of 6 credits per 1 term, or doubling down for a two term session worth 12 credits.

    No matter how you choose to mix and match the credits and terms, Sims will not receive a degree unless they accrue 48 credits. Each University term equates to one game week. The more credits your Sims apply for, the less time they will have to party and socialize on campus. If your Sims are dedicated to their academics, it would be best to throw them into a two term, 36 credit enrollment.

    Having the funds to attend University are the largest factor to consider.


    When Sims receive scholarship funds through the Aptitude Test, they will be able to use those funds towards their education. The scholarship funds are also used toward the rental of a home, or expenses while on campus. When deciding how to split your funds when scholarships are not given, always remember that while living in Dorms on the University Campus is free, you will still need to account for any expenses you may incur.

    There are six Majors available for Sims to choose from when enrolling in University.

    The Sims 3 Guides

    To complete each major and earn a degree, Sims are required to accrue 48 credits. Sims can only earn one degree at a time, but can re-enroll multiple times to receive multiple degrees. Each major is best studied with certain skills and traits, and when a degree is completed, Sims receive benefits like higher starting pay. When enrolling in each major, Sims will receive certain major related objects free of charge to advance their studies. This world is identical to the Sub-Hoods included with the World Adventures Expansion Pack, meaning Sims will leave their home world as is , and travel to the University Campus via loading screen.

    While attending University, any Sims left behind in the home world will not age. If there are any infants or toddlers left behind, Sims will have to hire a babysitter for the duration of their term s. The Sims University Sub-Hood comes with all new pre placed community lots. Once a Sim has made it to the University Campus, it is time to decide where to live. Even though Sims use family funds for any expenses incurred, all fees for Sorority, Fraternity and co-ed Dorms are covered at the time of enrollment. These fees also include Halls of Residence costs, so your Sim has somewhere to live straight away.

    If your Sims prefer not to live in dorms, they can rent a house in the village around the University. The rent paid for these private homes are paid for the entirety of their stay in one go. The fees for renting will be deducted from the family funds, or any remaining scholarship money. This is a great social to use when building friendships. However, if you are not happy with any of your roommates, you can head over to the Administration Building and ask for your roommates to be re-assigned to another dorm. Not every dorm has enough space for personal bedrooms, but typically there are no more than 3 beds to a room.

    Once your Sim has selected their living space, they can also set ownership to the other beds in the home.

    Original Post

    No one wants strange Sims roaming around their bedroom! Lock the door! Living in dorms on campus is the same as living in any other residence, with the exception of roommates. It is a good idea to attend this event because it allows Sims to meet fellow students, talk to professors, and enjoy some of the on campus activities.

    After you schmooze your way through the Meet and Greet, it is time to prepare for classes. For the duration of your stay on campus, the Career Tab is replaced with the Academics Tab. This section tells you how long until your next class starts as well as your level of academic performance. Also available in the academics tab is your Class Schedule. Fully booked schedules will have all three time slots scheduled.

    Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. Search-and-find for Sims 3 custom I'm trying to build a custom student union for my homeworld university since none of the ones For the freebies table. Page 2 of 2 - University Life! Find the sims 3 expansions ads in our Video Games Consoles category. The Sims 3: University Life also brings three new skill sets: social networking, street art, and science.

    Each bringing new items that help increase the skill level.

    The Sims 3: University Life/Detailed features

    Search-and-find for Sims 3 custom. I summoned a mascot through the bag of university freebies on my lot and interacted The Odd Bunch Bronze Requires The Sims 3 Supernatura; The Sims 3 University Life; gain stamps toward the various accomplishments and show freebies. Find a sims-3 on Gumtree, the 1 site for Stuff for Sale classifieds. See, share, and download amazing new content to your game from The Gallery. Gameplay strategy and discussion for The Sims 3. When you start a new game with.

    Many of you probably already have these but if you don't, I wanted to post some of them here for you. For anyone who doesn't visit the Sims 3 Store- there. Research Thread: Turning a world into a University Town. Turning a world into a University Town. After rumors circulating through listings and ratings, Electronic Arts announced.

    Makes sense now that you say it, due to the freebies booths that appear during the meet and.

    The Llama Mascot will drop off a package with freebies in your Sims' residential. Posted on June 3, Dan studies Information Technology at University. Related Articles; University Mascot gift disappeared? Does his dance. The Sims 3 Holiday Freebies for Buy online The Sims 3 University Life, instantly delivered by e-mail.